Software development
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If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture

Web Development

  • Design of complex scalable high load / high availability web systems
  • Android / iOS mobile development
  • Scientific and math-intensive software
  • Expertise in variety of languages and technologies:
    Python, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, C++, C#, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and more

System Support / DevOps

  • Design and 24/7 support of Linux-based infrastructure
  • Support of dedicated servers and cloud infrastructure (AWS / GCP)
  • DevOps approach and automated server provisioning
  • Automated backups, monitoring and security audits
  • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

Consulting / Maintenance

  • Code security audit, security consulting and penetration testing
  • Performance audit and optimization of existing code
  • Maintenance, support, refactoring and QA of existing / legacy code
  • Integration with existing systems, development of ETL processes & data migrations
  • Ability to pick up development and infrastructure where your previous team left off


It is impossible to sharpen a pencil with a blunt axe

What we can do for you

We know just one business, and that's how to make software

Complete solution

Our team can design and implement a complete solution from scratch based on your requirements. We will handle everything from UI / UX design to the final integration, post-release support and improvements.

Additional resources

Our developers / devops can join your team and fit into your development process to help you deliver your product in time. It can either be a short-term or a long-term collaboration, by a single developer / devops or a team.


We can provide you with the technical expertise, including architectural design, improvement of the development process, performance optimizations, security audit, production environment setup and infrastructure support.

Why choose us

Good design adds value faster than it adds cost

We've been working on high-load / high-availability systems for more than a decade accumulating a lot of engineering wisdom along the way.

Professional team

We believe that truly great software can only be produced by superb engineers. This is why we are so picky in choosing people to join our team.

High-quality code

We don't just convert coffee into code. Automated tests, thorough QA, refactoring and code reviews are essential parts of our development process.

Agile development process

We use modern tools and methodologies to improve the development process and make it efficient and transparent.

10 Years on the market
30 Experts working together
350 Years of combined commercial experience
0 Juniors on our team


Goals are dreams with deadlines

Real-Time Bidding System

Real-Time Bidding System

One of the largest RTB platforms in Europe (including DSP / SSP / DMP) with thousands real-time ad bidding transactions happening within 10-40 ms auctions. The platform aside from its core includes several independent systems, including analytics platform, SDK for autonomous agents, fraud detection and internal tools.
C++ / PHP / Python / MySQL / MongoDB / Redis / nginx

Cloud Call-Center Solution

Cloud Call-Center Solution

Turn-key cloud solution for medium-sized and large call-centers. Predictive dialing, highly-customizable rules, CRM integrations, advanced ACL and many other features.
Python / Flask / React / Redux / FreeSWITCH / RabbitMQ / MongoDB / nginx

Innovative dating mobile app

Innovative dating mobile app

A new approach to dating, focused on better matching through passions, detailed profiles and live video chats.
Node.js / Sails / MongoDB / native iOS & Android mobile apps

Video streaming platform for a major Eastern-European TV network

Video streaming platform for a major East-European TV network

Subscription-based video-on-demand platform serving millions of users and providing access to thousands of movies from Warner Bros, Disney, MGM, 20th Centruy Fox and others.
PHP (Zend), Adobe FMS

E-commerce backend platform

E-commerce backend platform

Financial backend platform processing hundreds of financial transactions per second and used by thousand of online shops.
PHP / MySQL / Redis / nginx

Leading in-browser online-editing platform

Leading in-browser online-editing platform

Online editing platform that allows publishing / printing companies to quickly create online editors for their users where they can customize templated design and send the resulting document to print.
HTML5 / JavaScript / Angular / Node.js

In-browser 3D DAE models viewer

In-browser 3D DAE models viewer

Unique 3D viewer that allows to visualize 3D DAE models and lets user upload custom images that is later used to generate a print-ready document that can later be printed and sent to the user.
HTML5 / JavaScript / three.js

Mobile video editing app

Mobile video editing app

App that allows you to organize all your videos, edit them on your smartphone, upload everythin into the cloud and share it with your friends.
Python / Flask

Electronic Document Management System

Electronic Document Management System

EDMS / ERP solution targeted and small and medium-sized businesses providing full document management solution, including fast document preview, custom workflow process, flexible permission system and much more.
Java / Spring / Hibernate / Tomcat / AIR

Desktop & Web solutions for loading plans optimizations

Desktop & Web solutions for loading plans optimizations

Software and several online services that calculate and visualize optimal plans for loading different types of boxes into trucks, containers and railroad freight cars. This software is used by largest beverage and furniture companies to optimize the load of their fleet and save on freight costs.
C++ / MySQL / Flex / PHP

Online Sport-events streaming for a major Eastern-European TV network

Online Sport-events streaming for a major European TV network

On-demand / subscription-based video-streaming of sport events in real-time with ability to view recorded highlights, quickly find sport statistics and news.
PHP (Yii) / MongoDB / Redis / nginx

Behavior-capture AI engine used in games

Behavior-capture AI engine used in games

Working on Artificial Intelligence engine and tooling around it provided us with unique opportunity to take part in development of state of the art AI platform that is currently being used in many A-list video games.
C++ / STL / boost

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